Day of week Classroom time
Group B1, B2 Tuesday 08.00-09.15
Group А1, A2 Mondey 09.00-10.15 European Portuguese group lessons A1 (each Wednesday and Friday)

A winter intake for Brazilian Portuguese morning group continues

Individual lessons Mondey 09.00 - 22.00

What does mean A1 level?
Lessons for beginners. If you decide to start learning of portuguese — this level is for you. We start training with the alphabet and pay attention to the correct pronunciation, ie learn phonetics, begin to study Portuguese grammar. You will learn about present tense. Learn a lot of new words and phrases through fun and educational games. You'll be able to ask simple questions and, of course, will be able to respond by native speakers! Duration of level is 30 lessons of 90 minutes, 45 hours.

What does mean A2 level?
You know a lot of words, you can answer the questions, can you tell us about yourself, about your life? You know present tense? A2 level will help to deepen the knowledge of grammar. Introduce you to the past and future tenses. You will be easier to maintain a dialogue with your interlocutor. Can safely specify the necessary information to work. As always, a lot of interesting games and exercises will help in forming your active vocabulary. Duration of level is 30 lessons of 90 minutes, 45 hours.

The set in groups with the B1 and B2 level proceeds!